Deep Technical Hands-on Training Series

X0RC0NF trainings are selected by its attendees based on open poll. Two of the most voted trainings will be delivered on Day 1 of the conference. Here is the Poll Result.

Web Application Security and Exploitation

  • This training covers the various aspects of Web Application Security where we teach about vulnerabilities found in a modern web application including XSS, SQLi, NoSQLi, XXE, RCE, LFI/RFI, SSRF, XPATH injection, exploiting weak crypto, SOME attack, SSL attacks, logical bugs and other lesser known varients.
  • We will also cover client side attack vectors in HTML5 and ES6.
  • Learn about vulnerabilites by manually finding and exploiting them.
  • You will write your own scripts/tools to learn and exploit various web application vulnerabilities.
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Venue: Hotel PGS Vedanta, Kochi

Trainers: Ajin Abraham, Francis Alexander

Students: Rs.1000 Corporate: Rs.2000
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Hardware/IoT Security and Exploitation [Cancelled due to technical difficulties]

  • This training will be focused on finding ways to exploit IoT and other hardware devices to do the attackers bidding.
  • The attendees will be taught the basic components of modern IoT devices, how to break into them and making sure you have access to the devices later.
  • Topics covered will include the hardware security vulnerabilities as well as firmware vulnerabilities.
  • Both software and hardware tools will be demonstrated to the attendees.
  • The training covers Embedded communication protocols, Finding interface/debug ports, Attacking memory, Radio signal analysis and attack,
    Hacking Bluetooth 4.0, and Firmware extraction & analysis.
  • Duration: 1 Day

Trainer: Yashin Mehaboobe

Students: Rs.1000 Corporate: Rs.2000
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